Building the supporters group for all of Austin.

Governing Rules and Policies

Austin Anthem is governed by the Austin Anthem Bylaws. Changes to these Bylaws are enacted by the Board as needed.


Austin Anthem is an all volunteer organization. Leaders are chosen by our members and team as dictated by the bylaws of Austin Anthem.

Board of Directors

The Board governs Austin Anthem and is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the organization

  • 4 Executive Officers (President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary)
  • 6 Non-Executive Members (At-Large)

Executive Officers' term is two years. Non-Executive Members' term is one year.

Austin Anthem leadership can be reached via email:

Nomination Process and Voting Eligibility

Austin Anthem elections are held each January. The nomination process is open for one week, and polls are open for one week.

All dues-paying members as of August 1st of the previous year are eligible to run for an Executive Office.
All members as of the final day of the preceding month of an election are eligible to run for a Non-Executive Member position. This is always December 31.

All dues-paying members as of 8 days before the election are eligible to vote in that election. This date varies from year to year depending on when, exactly, the elections are held.

Organizational Committees

Any member of Austin Anthem in good standing can volunteer to join the Organizational Team. Committees are empowered to make recommendations and decisions that are in the best interests of the supporting Austin FC and representing Austin Anthem according to our mission and goals.

We also look to team members to be the next generation of leadership for the organization, as they see and experience first-hand what goes into making a great American supporters group.

Executive Officers

President - Tony Cardone
Term Ends: January 2022
Tony Cardone is the least athletic of the Cardone family but likes to make up for it in sarcasm.
Vice President - Christine Hanley
Term Ends: January 2023
Christine Hanley is the Treasurer of Austin Anthem and enjoys merchandise, tifos, and lawncare. Please let her buy your house.
Secretary - Vacant
Term Ends: January 2022
Treasurer - Michelle Frasch
Term Ends: January 2023
Michelle Frasch is not a fan of the cold weather. If it’s snowing, she’s not going.

Committee Representatives

Representative - Robert Avery
Term Ends: January 2022
Robert was born in Southern California, but has lived all over the country before settling in Austin over 20 years ago. He loves to travel and gets to do so for work, sneaking in trips to music festivals and sporting stadiums in his downtime. Previously a fan of the Seattle Sounders, before there was an Austin FC, he is now a die-hard supporter of Austin FC. Robert is also an ardent supporter of Arsenal and Real Madrid.
Representative - Matt Barbour
Term Ends: January 2022
Among his many, many soccer accomplishments is the time an opponent expressed admiration for Matt’s skill on the pitch by enthusiastically calling him a f&$@)?# !&$@.
Representative - Ryan Vautherot
Term Ends: January 2022
Ryan Vautherot single-handedly dragged France to their 2018 World Cup victory.
Representative - Vacant
Term Ends: January 2022

Member At-Large Representatives

Representative - Jorge Chavez
Term Ends: January 2022
Jorge Chavez was raised in El Paso, but now prefers Central Time.
Representative - James Morgan
Term Ends: January 2022
James was here long before there was soccer. And will be here long after it.

Made in Austin, Texas.

Made in Austin, Texas

A 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Independent Supporters Council member for Austin.

We created and successfully led the community effort to bring Major League Soccer to Austin. We now create and lead supporter passion and excitement on match day and every day.