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The Austin FC Podcasts. By Supporters, For Supporters

The Austin Anthem Podcast is the most informative and longest running podcast about Austin FC, hosted by members of Austin Anthem, the club’s supporters group. Each episode, your hosts discuss the latest Austin FC and MLS news as well as upcoming events in the Austin soccer community.

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Music from the Austin Anthem Podcast

We like to feature music from Austin-based and Austin-friendly musicians as part of each podcast episode. So now we've created an ever-updating playlist of the music featured in previous episodes to enjoy from one spot.

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El Himno Podcast. Podcast para Austin FC, en Español.

El Podcast de El Himno de Austin es en único podcast en español hecho por aficionados de Austin FC.

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Cast and Crew

  • Robert Avery

    Robert Avery

    What he does on the show
    Producer / Editor / Contributing Host
    A little about Robert Avery
    Robert Avery was born in Southern California, but has lived all over the country before settling in Austin over 20 years ago. He loves to travel and gets to do so for work, sneaking in trips to music festivals and sporting stadiums in his downtime. Previously a fan of the Seattle Sounders, before there was an Austin FC, Robert is now a die-hard supporter of Austin FC. He is also an ardent supporter of Arsenal and Real Madrid.
  • Matt Barbour

    Matt Barbour

    What he does on the show
    A little about Matt Barbour
    Matt Barbour was born and raised in Dallas and graduated from Texas A&M University a shockingly long time ago. He formerly covered FC Dallas for and ran communications for the San Antonio Scorpions (RIP). Soccer achievements include winning an over 30 D league championship and escorting Landon Donovan to the bathroom.
  • Jorge Chavez

    Jorge Chavez

    What he does on the show
    El Himno de Austin Podcast Co-Host / Editor / Producer
    A little about Jorge Chavez
    Originally from El Paso, Texas, Jorge Chavez is a founding member of the El Himno de Austin Spanish podcast. A recent unfortunate supporter of Chelsea and Borussia Dortmund, he also follows his hometown El Paso Locomotive. Jorge is also a contributor for the Futbol En Vivo radio program on 91.7, which airs Wednesdays at 9pm. Also a writer for Spanish soccer media group Dosis Futbolera.
  • Conor Heffernan

    Conor Heffernan

    What he does on the show
    A little about Conor Heffernan
    Conor Heffernan is a frequent co-host of the Austin Anthem Podcast. A native Texan and die-hard supporter of Austin FC and Chelsea, Conor spends most of his time studying Political Science at George Washington University and working and volunteering for political candidates. Like most political science majors, Conor has the ability to confidently discuss topics that he in fact has very little grasp of.
  • Joey Held

    Joey Held

    What he does on the show
    Contributing Host / Advisor
    A little about Joey Held
    Joey Held is a writer and podcaster who willingly demonstrates his lack of in-depth soccer knowledge and curiosity to learn more as a contributor to the Austin Anthem podcast. He also loves helping people share their stories, so keep an eye (and ear) out for additional interviews in the future. When not writing or podcasting, Joey loves to travel, rock out with his band Burning Years, and cuddle with his pups, Franxie and Merlin.
  • Vince Sellers

    Vince Sellers

    What he does on the show
    Music Supervisor / Composer
    A little about Vince Sellers
    Vince Sellers, a proud native Texan and Aggie that actually LOVES Austin, is the music coordinator for the podcast and is always on the lookout for new music to feature as we embrace the vibrant musical roots of the community. He also created the intro music for the pod, and produces "retro-fabulous" electronic music under the artist name Austin Apologue. Vince and his "furry children" are also fierce competitors in the local Pug dog costume contest scene.
  • Mark Turner

    Mark Turner

    What he does on the show
    A little about Mark Turner
    Originally from England, life-long Nottingham Forest fan (though he never mentions it) Mark Turner is now a proud resident of Austin and ardent follower of the Verde, too. With experience in sports journalism, podcasting, radio, and match commentary, Mark is excited to be able to add his hopefully knowledgable and often irreverent perspective to the Austin Anthem podcast.
  • Josh Babetski

    Josh Babetski

    What he does on the show
    Creator / Executive Producer / Editor
    A little about Josh Babetski
    Josh Babetski liked the idea of putting random supporter perspectives together to see what would happen. Turns out, some very good chemistry and interesting shows. Josh is mostly behind the scenes supporting the real talent of this operation.

Made in Austin, Texas.

Made in Austin, Texas

A 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Independent Supporters Council member for Austin.

We created and successfully led the community effort to bring Major League Soccer to Austin. We now create and lead supporter passion and excitement on match day and every day.