Code of Conduct

For the membership of Austin Anthem

Austin Anthem represents our club and our city by reflecting and embodying the qualities that make Austin the place we love and call home. Austin Anthem seeks to create a game day experience that is welcoming for all. We will sing and chant our love for club for 90+ minutes while creating an inclusive environment.

This positive attitude toward our club will be the envy of the league and extends beyond the stands. Whether we are at watch parties or on social media, the words and actions of Austin Anthem members reflect on us all.

Racism, sexism, discrimination, homophobia, disrespect, threats, and violence toward anyone do not belong in Austin Anthem. These attitudes will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

Members of Austin Anthem will:

  • Act in a manner that supports growth of Austin Anthem and presents both the club and supporters group in a positive manner
  • Enthusiastically participate in songs and chants throughout the match, following the direction of the capos
  • Provide a welcome environment for fans who are new to the game, or new to Austin Anthem in order to make them feel included and part of something bigger than themselves
  • Treat away fans with respect in accordance with the Independent Supporters Council charter
  • Comply with the Stadium Code of Conduct whether we are home or away
  • Comply with the MLS Fan Code of Conduct
  • Wear only the colors of Austin FC and Austin Anthem in the supporters section during matches and special club and SG events. We all support many different clubs and national teams, but on match day, we all support Austin FC as one. Opposing team colors in the supporters section will be strictly prohibited.

Members of Austin Anthem will not:

  • Resell tickets in the supporters section without explicitly informing the buyer of the ticket location and expectations for standing in the supporters section and will not sell supporters section tickets at a profit
  • Throw objects onto the field during play
  • Lead, encourage or participate in chants that do not reflect our values (you know the goal kick chant we are talking about)
  • Use racial slurs, hate speech or other disrespectful language aimed at others, either in person or online
  • Serve as gatekeepers who define what it means to properly support the beautiful game
  • Engage in excessive drunken or disorderly behavior at games, events or watch parties
  • Ignore stadium policy or guidance from stadium staff on modification of behavior
  • Make unwelcome sexual advances or sexaully harass others, either in person or online
  • Damage, modify, or otherwise interfere with the seating, decor, or structure of the stadium (inside or out), nor any banners, tifo, or accessories set-up by Austin Anthem during match day
  • Engage in any criminal or illegal activities

Any member of Austin Anthem who does not follow the Code of Conduct is subject to disciplinary action, which may include removal from the organization. Depending on the situation, other disciplinary action, such as revocation of membership benefits or a ban on away travel may be invoked. The club may also be involved in sanctioning of members as appropriate and Austin Anthem may request the club expel and/or ban the member(s) from the supporters section and/or stadium. Austin Anthem has zero tolerance for criminal activity. We are committed to cooperating with any authorities if necessary on issues related to any incidents under investigation.

All members, regardless of their status within the organization, are subject to the same standards. Members of the organizational team — which includes chapter teams — may be held to a higher standard than others to ensure that Austin Anthem sends a clear message of our commitment to positivity and inclusiveness.

Disciplinary investigations and sanctions will be managed on a case-by-case basis as follows:

  1. For minor violations, individuals will be given an initial verbal warning. We understand that some rules may be unclear or that there may be minor violations in the heat of the moment.
  2. A formal warning will be issued in situations where it is warranted, or if there is a repeated improper behavior after a verbal warning. Immediate formal warnings will be issued for racist or sexist chants, unwanted sexual advances or harassment, or grossly inappropriate behavior on social media. If a second formal warning is issued in a six-month period, direct disciplinary action will be taken.
  3. In certain situations, inappropriate behavior will lead to immediate disciplinary action. This action will vary depending upon the circumstances, and may lead to expulsion from Austin Anthem.

This process will be administered by the Austin Anthem Disciplinary Committee, a committee appointed by the executive board. The committee chair will be a member of the organizational team. Actions of the Disciplinary Committee are final and can only be appealed if the appellant presents the signatures of 100 Austin Anthem members in good standing requesting an appeal. These signatures may be either hard copy or digital.

If you observe behavior in the stadium, at an event, or online that does not follow the Code of Conduct, please email:


Made in Austin, Texas.

Made in Austin, Texas

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